Pink Chemo Kush is a pure, 100% Indica strain. It is popular for its long-lasting heavy body high that leaves you feeling totally relaxed. Its mental high is just as potent. Users are left feeling euphoric, calmer, and uplifted. Purple Chemo strain is a top favorite in the cannabis world for its evenly balanced physical and mental high.


Brief History of Pink Chemo Kush

Pink Chemo cannabis strain is said to be a cross between two potent pure Indica strains. You have Pink Kush as well as Chemo. Its two parent strains are both famous for the heavy and full body sedating effects they produce. Its excellent lineage and potent effects have made Purple Chemo Kush a favorite in the cannabis world.


Distinguishing Features 

The buds of Pink Chemo Kush are round and dark green in color with deep purple hues. Orange hairs weave through the buds. A rich covering of crystal-like trichomes make the buds look almost frosty in appearance. The leaves are dark green in color as well with deep purple tones.


Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile

The THC level of Pink Chemo Kush is high at about 22%. Because of this high THC level, this strain may not be a good option for first-time cannabis users.We found no information on its cannabinoid profile, nor did we find any laboratory reports that test its terpene levels.


Flavors and Aromas 

Pink Chemo Kush has an aroma that is much similar to Purple Kush. It is sweet, earthy, and pungent with hints of berries as well as grapes. It also tastes sweet as well with flavors of grapes, berries, and lemons.Upon exhalation, you will also notice some hints of spices and herbs.



Pink Chemo Kush is a good cannabis strain to use in the evening, right before bed. It completely and totally relaxes your muscles as its heavy, sedating body high kicks in.Pretty soon, you will feel your mood improving as its mental high creeps in, leaving you happier, more uplifted, and euphoric.


Medical Conditions

Pink Chemo Kush has several therapeutic uses. It is the perfect strain for people with insomnia and other sleep problems.

Because it can stabilize mood and emotions, this strain may be perfect for those with depression, chronic stress, and anxiety problems. Pink Chemo may also help relieve chronic pain caused by headaches, arthritis, and chronic fatigue.


Pink Kemo (Indica)